SCOOTER-GEDDON IS UPON US. Theres a lot of commotion in a lot of bike shops over scooters, but not here. It’s got two wheels and a handlebar, and thats good enough for us. We sell many of the major brands in the scoot world, and carry a full range of replacement parts and accessories. North Scooters, Lucky Scooters, and Havoc Scooters are our top 3 brands, but we have access to many other brands such as Phoenix Scooters, District Scooters, Ethic Scooters, Crisp Scooters, Grit Scooters, and MGP / Madd Gear Products. Still unsure if we can get what youre after? Give us a call, swing by the shop, or even email us and we can talk about it! We can get our mittens on almost anything, as long as it exists. Our expert bicycle mechanics trained hard to learn the sacred art of scoot dialing. Need your rig dialed? Bring it on in.

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