Sunday BMX

Normal bikes are still sold out everywhere but we are starting to see some of the coolest brands getting some bikes to us stoked to have the first set of SUNDAY bmxs for 2021


Mountain bikes

We specialize in custom bikes & helping people choose the right mountain bike for their needs , 29,27.5 , 27.5 plus fat/ boost/ non boost/ cinch / gxp/ eagle / beagle/ narrow wide / what does it all mean?! we will make sure you are set up so you can take you riding to the next level!

our main brands for mountain biking are

Bikes for Everyone


Due to the closures of gyms & schools and basically everything bikes have soared in popularity this april …. combined with the CHina slowdown its left all suppliers sold out of the less expensive popular bikes … its very stressful as there is no bikes at the moment

we are trying our best to find quality bikes at reasonable prices but we hope you can be patient as the selection has really diminished

we expect in the coming months supply will become available but for now it is still very shaky

again we are working on a  website to show what we have in stock but at the moment it changes drastically every day

thank you for understanding!

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