Mountain bikes

We specialize in custom bikes & helping people choose the right mountain bike for their needs , 29,27.5 , 27.5 plus fat/ boost/ non boost/ cinch / gxp/ eagle / beagle/ narrow wide / what does it all mean?! we will make sure you are set up so you can take you riding to the next level!

our main brands for mountain biking are

Bikes for Everyone

We source the best bikes for each category without forcefeeding you corporate regurgitation

Faves in each category

MountainĀ  – Transition , Devinci, NS Bikes, Felt

Road – Felt, Devinci

Trekking/ Bike Packing -Surly , Felt, Devinci

Cyclocross/ gravel roadĀ  -Felt , Surly

Hybrid/fitness/commuter -Apollo, devinci

Cruiser Lifestyle -Electra , Felt

our selection changes all the time as models sell out and others come available


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