Bike Service

We are at 3-5 days service time

please feel free to come in and drop off your bike we will go through it with you and take care of your sweet ride in a timely manner

no one likes a line jumper so please be mindful of others!

we usually will fix any type of bike .. there is extreme cases where some bikes should not be fixed and some bike manufactures are definitely cutting corners to make a bike look like a bike but not hold up to actual riding. we reserve the right to not fix your bike if it is deemed unsafe .

thanks & ride safe!!


Service Name Price
Tune Up 1 Normal $79
Tune up 2 Hard use $109
Tune Up 3 i want my stuff mint $189
Safety Check $40
Drivetrain Clean $40
Flat Fix $12-15 Plus tube 10-15$ the total will be $20-30 ususallly and please now tubes are very low stock at this time
tubeless , cush core , e bike , giant or trek $30 plus or minus as usually you will need extra attention to get it to be good)
$10(Wheel only)plus tube
Install/Fix Chain $10
Wheel True 15+
Brake Adjust $15/End
Gear Adjust $15/End
Fork Install $30
Fork Rebuild 90$/Hour
(including oil, seals extra)
Stans/UST Setup $35/Wheel (Inc stans fluid)
Wheel Build $60Each
Hydraulic Brake Install $40 Each
Brake Bleed $30 Each includes servicing pistons if stuff is extra wrecked maybe more
Reverb Bleed $20
Installed Grips $5
Adjust Bottom Bracket $25
Deraileur Hanger Straighten/Adjust $18
Pack/Box Bike $60
Hub Rebuild $22/Rear wheel
25/Front wheel
Bottom Bracket Install/Rebuild $30
Install Chainguide $30
Basic Computer Install $10
Install Du Bushing $10
Rack Install $20
Headset Rebuild $25
Full Mount Fender Install $20
Eco Fee $2.5
All prices are not set in stone ...everything is based on time but we try to be extremely reasonable
Prices are subject to change...
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