Due to extremeCovid 19 crisis we  are overwhelmed with bike repairs &we are doing our best to help Flatten the repair curve

we prefer drop off pick up later style service appointments never seem to work out as often parts are needed that we may not have.

we cant do on the spot service at this time as it is not fair to the previous people who are patiently waiting for their bike that they dropped of a week before

& also as the society gets opens up we do not want to help the little covids jump around

expect a 2 week turnaround but usually its alot less but everytime you call to see if we have fixxed your bike yet we have to stop fixxing bikes so your patience is very much appreciated.

our phone mannerisms may be curt but its mostly because there is 4 other phone calls at the same time

we are working on our website so that we will have a list of parts avaialble but at this time parts supply is also limited and things are defintly shipping alot slower so please be patient

thanks & ride safe!!


Service Name Price
Tune Up 1 $55
Tune Up 2 $79
Tune Up 3 $119
Safety Check $30
Drivetrain Clean $40
Flat Fix $12 (Rear on bike)PLUS TUBE 8.95
$10 (Front on bike) Plus tube
$8 (Wheel only)plus tube
Install/Fix Chain $10
Wheel True 15+
Brake Adjust $15/End
Gear Adjust $15/End
Fork Install $25
Fork Rebuild 75/Hour
(including oil, seals extra)
Stans/UST Setup $35/Wheel (Inc stans fluid)
Wheel Build $50 Each
Hydraulic Brake Install $40 Each
Brake Bleed $30 Each
Reverb Bleed $20
Installed Grips $5
Adjust Bottom Bracket $12
Deraileur Hanger Straighten/Adjust $18
Pack/Box Bike $40
Hub Rebuild $22/Rear wheel
25/Front wheel
Bottom Bracket Install/Rebuild $25
Install Chainguide $30
Basic Computer Install $10
Install Du Bushing $10
Rack Install $10
Headset Rebuild $25
Full Mount Fender Install $20
Eco Fee $2.5
Prices are subject to change...
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